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  • jed_jackal jed_jackal Feb 18, 2000 2:19 AM Flag


    OK, OK, OK - I'm having a really bad dream. When
    I wake up BNBN will be at $56 and I will unload,
    maybe even buy a print of a stock certificate. When I
    go to work I will continue to be my same old
    arrogant self talking about my stock triumphs and
    mentioning how, "work is for the little people." I may even
    take the proceeds to date this really pretty blonde
    i've been flirting with.

    And then I woke up -
    ohhhhhhhhh - the pain, the pain. The loss of self efficacy,
    and esteem. Oh no, I'm going bald - my stomach is
    getting bigger, and my penis is shrinking - guys are even
    starting to turn me on - my car broke down - my dog ran
    away - my wife split with my boss - I shit my pants -

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