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  • choccorrico choccorrico Feb 17, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

    65Ml settlement agreement

    Did TKMR received the payment from ALNY yet? Filing for a 50Ml shelf doesn't make any sense after Alny agreed to pay 65Ml.,does it? Also buying the rights from MRNA was a great move.

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    • Who said anything about a shelf? Have a Link? Stop spreading false rumors. TKMR is weak enough as it is.

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      • Yahoo won't let us post links anymore, but they filed a F-10 with the SEC. Here is part of the filing.


        New issue January 16, 2013



        Common Shares



        We may offer from time to time, during the 25 month period that this short form base shelf prospectus (including any amendments hereto) (the Prospectus) remains effective, up to US$50,000,000 in aggregate of our common shares (Common Shares), warrants to purchase Common Shares (Warrants) and/or units comprising any combination of the foregoing (Units) and, together with the Common Shares and Warrants (the Securities). We may offer Securities from time to time in one or more transaction in such amounts and, in the case of Warrants and/or Units, with such terms, as we may determine in light of prevailing market conditions at the time of sale.

        The specific terms of any Securities offered will be described in one or more accompanying supplements to this Prospectus (collectively or individually, as the case may be, a Prospectus Supplement), and may include specific terms pertaining to the Securities that are not within the alternatives and parameters described in this Prospectus, including where applicable: (i) in the case of the Common Shares, the number of Common Shares offered, the currency (which may be Canadian dollars or any other currency), the issue price and any other specific terms; (ii) in the case of Warrants, the designation, the number of Warrants offered, the currency (which may be Canadian dollars or any other currency), the number of Common Shares that may be acquired upon the exercise of the Warrants, the exercise price, dates and periods of exercise, adjustment procedure and any other specific terms; and (iii) in the case of Units, the designation, the number of Units offered, the offering price, the currency (which may be Canadian dollars or any other currency), the terms of the Units and of the securities comprising the Units and any other specific terms. You should read this Prospectus and any applicable Prospectus Supplement carefully before you invest. This Prospectus may not be used to offer securities unless accompanied by a Prospectus Supplement.

    • yes, it's in their bank.

    • I'm keeping my eyes very open on this one.

    • I agree, I believe they have some great stuff which I will follow very close.

      Sentiment: Buy

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