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  • dusa1957 dusa1957 Oct 18, 2011 12:04 AM Flag


    buy 2.15
    sell 2.3
    short 2.3
    short more if gets to 2.35
    cover 2.15

    Works much better than holding, which has produced zero return in 3 months

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    • Tappy...If things go as planned and we get the "good news" we have been so patiently waiting for,then the first round of drinks is on me!

    • I will look to stop this trade cycle and go positionless ahead of earnings ... that is a big risk event EITHER WAY. Once earnings are over, the next big risk event is FDA approval in December, I be positionless ahead of that as well. These two big risk events, especially the FDA decision, has a potential to knock AIS out of it's trading range BUT the direction it is knocked out COULD BE EITHER UP OR DOWN. I don't like those odds, I'll be positionless until these risk events are out of the way.

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      • Correction!

        I am going to knock you Dusa!

        For a split second, I thought that you were legit, but that impression has evaporated!

        You're just another low rent idiot, trying to blow smoke and cloud the facts.

        Seems a pointless endeavor considering the "unshakeable" audience that your preaching to!

        Nice try Dusa, but again, what is the point?

        If you have so much as a scrap of intuition, you know that investors like myself, find posters like yourself more of an amusement rather than a voice of valued insight!

        Go on then Dusa and pretend that you are important or relevant! Who knows, perhaps you can convince yourself that there is value in what you post!

        Impossible to disagree with you? Not if what you post is plausible Dusa. What you post, is in fact, saturated with agenda driven BS!

        You know it, and I know it!


    • same cycle, still works

      short 2.3, cover 2.2 to 2.15, go long there

      nothing's changed

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      • Sure Dusa, it works great if you're a nickel and dimer!

        Guys with 200K+ aren't about to screw around for 20 cent swings, which is what I've dilligently tried to convey to the MB since .90!

        If I may requote, "if an investor cannot distinquish the difference between a buy & hold in the early stages of a multi-year uptrend, and a classic high liquidity, high volatility trading stock,,,,,,,,,,,,,you will never be successful enough to stand the test of time"!

        I took the liberty of quoting myself. I thought the sentiment was and still is particularly relevant!


    • Not doing that anymore...can't anyway, not with this volume.

    • or

      buy 2.15
      sell 2.3
      short 2.3
      short more if gets to 2.35
      cover 3.15
      no repeat