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  • reality90210 reality90210 Dec 19, 2011 10:58 AM Flag


    I've had this stock for a while and it is a slow moving stock. I hope it goes back up sooner, but it seems like there is no immediate catalyst to make it react. Knowing how subdued everyone is (including the CEO),who I still THINK should make some sort of statement to re-assure shareholders, my thought are that it will take a while for AIS to come back. AIS was/is still partnered with BPAX and however hard everyone wants to believe that Libigel was of no consequence to AIS, the truth is AIS was counting on it to succeed as well. In hindsight, I too was blown away by the sexiness of BPAX/AIS solving what big pharma could not and should have shorted both prior to results, but lesson learned. Now I have a bunch of shares of AIS and none of BPAX and will eventually see the high twos in AIS, but it will take time.

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    • I disagree somewhat with your post. I think we might at least get back to the neighborhood of 2 a bit sooner. Certainly with profitability on the horizon and potentially three new revenue streams being added, the stock will eventually recover and go higher. There might be a pullback down the road associated with the launch of MTX, as expenditures rise (salesforce, etc.) before new revenue kicks in, but I'll worry about that when the time comes. When the company becomes profitable and earnings start to grow, we may see new coverage, as well as an upgrade and target increase from that idiot at Roth. I rode BPAX from 1.40-2.30--got out way too early as it continued on to 4. I think it was just being used as a trading vehicle, as the stock price then rapidly collapsed. I too think AIS deserved a hit from the LibiGel failure, but 1.50?