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  • stockdaug stockdaug Feb 24, 2012 8:24 AM Flag

    Matusow Claims "Buy out rumor"

    On another post , Scott Matusow (alias Delweine) wrote: "how would u feel after you sell it if AIS is bought out for 1.5 billion, because thats the rumor i hear, and i have pretty good sources on that type of thing."

    Notice Scott states: "thats (sic) the rumor i hear"

    Notice Scott's claim: "i have pretty good sources on that type of thing"

    Conclusion? Scott Matusow, prolific Seeking Alpha writer is claiming that he has sources that are telling him about a buy out. Was Scott's claim for "1.5 billion" genuine or was he just floating a number? Who knows?

    What if he right? or wrong? Curious, this is.... very curious...

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    • good answer Snow, of course betting me would be betting against yourself. This company has the potential, if not bought out before 2018 to be trading near 70 a share. im not the only one who thinks that. i know several people with well over 1 million dollars vested here making that same bet. long term investors. AIS is really not a bio tech in the classic sense, but that is what is changing in this world. AIS certainly is not worth 1.3 billion dollars right now. its not even worth 2.70 a share if we were to look at its current fundamentals only, the pps would be near 1 dollar a share. the rumor i heard came from trading desks. however, rumors and rumors, hard to say where they originate exactly from, but when they come from trading desks, those are the very people involved with the stock underwriters who make the deals. what i heard was that Pfizer was the bidder, but TEVA has some clause with AIS that gives them right of first refusal, and they used it. but again, please remember, this could be total bs. I am not the one making the rumor up, I just stated exactly what i heard. gl!

    • Your are definetly from Vegas haha ever the gambler? This is the second time in this post alone you have tried to bet someone cold hard cash. I have already placed my bet... and that is in AIS stock. I will not begin to suggest i have anywhere near as much knowledge as you do about biotechs or the market in general.

      I missed the boat back in the 90's on BIIB and AMGN because i was too afraid to pull the trigger despite all the good DD that was screaming BUY ME. While i dont presume to put AIS in those two companies same bracket i do believe highly in AIS.

      I guess it is just difficult for me to wrap my head around paying that sum of money with so many unknowns dangling out there. But being proven wrong on this only benfits me and the rest of AIS investors so heres praying i am DEAD wrong :)

    • JEEZ, not stand to love, STAND TO LOSE. anyways, good luck to you, u will see u are wrong. ive seen plenty of guys sell right before buy outs and kick themselves. if u are happy with your pps target and get it, great, but dont whine if I end up being right.

    • wow, so much hatred on this board...
      i'm not sure why you guys are criticizing each other when everyone here are in for the same reason..make money with AIS..
      buyout or not, this is very exciting time for AIS. I hope there is a big buyout because i don't have 4~5 years to

    • james.seymore Feb 24, 2012 8:31 AM Flag

      Scott loses all credibility with his pump of MNKD. The guy doesn't do his homework & this should worry AIS investors.