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  • snowshovel70 snowshovel70 Feb 24, 2012 1:42 PM Flag

    Matusow Claims "Buy out rumor"

    Your are definetly from Vegas haha ever the gambler? This is the second time in this post alone you have tried to bet someone cold hard cash. I have already placed my bet... and that is in AIS stock. I will not begin to suggest i have anywhere near as much knowledge as you do about biotechs or the market in general.

    I missed the boat back in the 90's on BIIB and AMGN because i was too afraid to pull the trigger despite all the good DD that was screaming BUY ME. While i dont presume to put AIS in those two companies same bracket i do believe highly in AIS.

    I guess it is just difficult for me to wrap my head around paying that sum of money with so many unknowns dangling out there. But being proven wrong on this only benfits me and the rest of AIS investors so heres praying i am DEAD wrong :)