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  • diamondcutter297 diamondcutter297 Mar 12, 2012 9:49 AM Flag

    Relax, I told you the shot/distort would try a bear raid regardless today.

    Speculation for the week. I don't have crystal balls, mine are brass.

    Look at the A/D Chart, RSI and Money Flow. Literally Off The Chart up and to the right.

    Usually takes a few trading sessions for the equity to catch up with those three indicators.

    Nothing but a bear raid attempt. She is still within the upper bollinger and just increased revenues 65%, even the shorts don't want to be short.

    Thank you for filling my limit buy at 2.55. =)

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    • silvrmoon Mar 12, 2012 10:04 AM Flag

      haha... I was wishing I had some dry powder when the 2.50s came around.

      The volume was just crazy -- I remember looking away for a few seconds, then looking back and ~350,000 shares had been traded. I wonder if someone can post an L2 on that -- because I would love to see the order sizes and spreads!