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  • nealstockman nealstockman Mar 28, 2012 9:39 AM Flag

    Standing buy order

    There must be a standing buy order for all shares coming available at $3.30. How long can that last?

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    • That makes no sense whatsoever. There is resistance (selling) at $3.30.

    • Up to the buyout!

      Somebody is buying to reward a certain important man (the one you know) and when he will have enough shares , let's say 1 million shares, the buyback will occur at a price not less than $13/share so this very special man will be instantly multi-millionaire.

      Same pattern as yesterday.

      Also check the big volume on "no news" during the last 5 days.

      Funny to read MDR0418 post telling me " Get a hold of yourself" when he was telling me on the 12th March the following " Your leaving the party way too early on QCOR IMHO. The peg Ratio is down at levels we enjoyed in the single digits, company buying back shares last week, and the real growth on N/S and the new indications coming on line are all in front of us.

      AIS is much more speculative and you will be going through some wild price swings and it looks more like a buy out candidate then something that will be flying solo. Your call to get out of STAA is also poor timing as the growth engines are just now winding up for the company and the real gains our from now through 2014.

      Your down almost 10% today on AIS and QCOR is getting ready for its next leg north. A gain is a gain and it's all opinions until we can compare your call down the road, but I think you jumped out of two trains way to early. You were also the one that said owning QCOR made you sleep well at night. I suggest you consider sleeping pills for AIS as it will be a rough ride in both directions.

      Good luck GALA.

      Long and STRONG QCOR and STAA!! "

      Link :

      Now he is saying that HE has controlled the price of AIS yesterday during 5 hours or 77% of the day ! Just to remember we have had a volume of 1,420,750 shares traded !

      You may conclude what you want but the best is "Wait and see" who will be right.