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  • engintarim engintarim Apr 7, 2012 9:12 AM Flag

    Small-Cap AIS A Blue-Chip Reach !!

    Antares Pharma Inc makes drug-delivery systems that are regulated as devices -- pen injectors, needle-free injectors, disintegrating tablets and transdermal gels. The reason I am so bullish on this stock is because of its four-device deal with generic giant Teva Pharmaceutical TEVA . This gives small-cap AIS a blue-chip reach.

    Here's how it works: Antares provides Teva with a medical product, such as its needle-free injector, and Teva buys the device from Antares and loads it with a medication like its human growth hormone TevTropin. As Teva aggressively markets its products and gains market share, Antares shares in the rewards

    Teva expects to take 10% of the U.S. human growth hormone market, which is mostly abnormally short children who would rather not get stuck with a needle. Antares is sure to ride Teva's coattails to big profits on this medication. And looking forward, I expect at least one more product announcement from Teva in 2012~2013


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    • Good Job :)


      5 Years Chart Show everthing !!

      Antares Pharma is on Investors Radar!! in Switzerland & Germany to


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      • Whogo:

        I don't care who bashes who on the message board - I just ignore
        personal posts:
        But when you say: " If your not long - then get the heck off this board ".

        I think that is not the purpose of the message board to be receptive to
        only bullish long investors- all valid and well intentioned views are
        welcomed (at least, by me)....

        If AIS has any negatives - any reason why it would
        be a bad investment-
        Any reason why AIS could cause us to lose money:
        I would value such posts far more
        than one's which are positive. After all-- I know
        the positives - I don't know any negatives: but -
        losing money is no fun and such enlightenment
        would be most welcome.

        And some have posted some valid reason why they would not invest in AIS.

        For example - A while back we had a poster who said he would never buy
        stock in a company that was not profitable - And that is a very valid point
        for some investors. Not for me, because I believe that the greatest return
        one can have from a stock is to buy in anticipation of profit (but before
        it is actually profitable).
        Some would not buy stock in a company that did not pay a dividend- but
        I have found small growth stocks yield the greatest reward when they
        reinvest in growth of their business and never pay a dividend.
        Someone posted AIS has " lost " a Hundred Million Dollars - why invest in
        such a company. I see the Hundred Million Dollars "Invested" in Research
        and Technology; building a strong company with world class partners and
        just on the verge of profitability as not a reason to refrain from investing
        in AIS - but more a reason to "back up the truck"......

        All said I have never, ever heard one valid reason - based on my investing
        criteria (which is very low risk vs. high potential reward) that would cause
        me to be the least bit concerned about my large investment in AIS.
        But if anyone can come forward with valid bearish reasons not to own
        AIS - I thank you in advance.
        GOOD LUCK

    • ENGIN !! Its a miracle , your pigeon english is cured !
      Hope you start wearing you helmet again !

    • 9-May 2012 ANTARES PHARMA Q1

      4 weeks :)

    • Only want to say

      Nothing is for Free !!

      That freebie is a Big LIE !!

      I sometime write here about this Guy Delweine !!
      thats not the right way
      The Vegas Boy is a Big Lie !! he use you only to make Profit
      he Copy from MB what he want to write in his Serking Alpha Article to Pump a cheap Stock only to make Profit
      I can not write well English but i know this Vegas Boy know nothing about Biotech Stocks

      Nothing in this World is for Free !!

      Antares Pharma is more than a Strong Buy

      Buy on dips Run come soon !!
      Get ready !!



      Please read !

      Antares is a fast growing Pharmaceutical Company and the ONLY US-based company offering auto-injector, pen and needle-free technology platforms.


    • Small-Cap AIS A Blue-Chip Reach
      Samuel Isaly’s Orbimed Advisors is the world’s largest healthcare-dedicated investment firm. The firm has with approximately $5 billion in assets under management. The firm was founded in 1989 with a vision to invest across the spectrum of healthcare companies. The firm manages a series of venture capital funds and public equity investment funds.

      Orbimed Owns only the best biotech Stocks

      According to the latest amended 13F filing, Samuel Isaly took 9.75 million shares in Allos Therapeutics Inc. (ALTH), 8.98 million shares in Antares Pharma Inc. (AIS), and 6.73 million shares in Pfizer Inc. (PFE). These are the top three positions in Samuel Isaly’s portfolio. Samuel Isaly did not make change to these positions after the second quarter.

      The Question is why is the world’s largest healthcare-dedicated investment firm. invested in Antares Pharma

      Orbimed 2 largest position in his portfolio is Anatares Pharma !!!

      Invested Investors say more than words can say Samuel Isaly’s Orbimed Advisors is the world’s largest healthcare-dedicated investment firm. The firm has with approximately $5 billion in assets under management

      Q1 2012 Antares Pharma Inc Earnings Conference Call May 09, 2012 08:30am

      4 weeks to Break Out over 4$

      6 reason to Invest in Antares Pharma

      25B in current drugs are compatible with AIS devices!!

      Motley Fool Article !!120 Billion $ Needle Free & Injektor Market!!

      Great Motley Fool Article !!120 Billion $ Needle Free & Injektor Market !! Investors Pay for upcoming Future this is why Antares Pharma go more and more up !!
      Most of the Biotech Stock. have no Approved drugs and they ONL Burn Money some of the Biotech Stocks have no real drug !!
      but Investors Pay alot of Money for the upcoming future
      Antares Pharma is the ONLY ONE US Based Company with Needle Free delivery System this is why Big Investors Pay Extra Bonus for Takeover that i hear from RUMORS !! from Time to Time !!
      Antares Pharma have 3 FDA Aproved produkt !!
      Antares Pharma is a Profitable Company in 2012
      Big Pharma Know this like Watson Pharma & Pfizer & Teva
      Antares Pharma is clearly a Undervalued Stock !!

      thats why aim so Bullish at Antares Pharma !!

      Today read a article want to show you !!!

      A Lower Risk Small Cap With Larger Cap Potential