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  • galaberge galaberge Apr 17, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

    Pfizer Buyout Speculation - Part Three

    Congrats for your "Pfizer Buyout Speculation" because it summarize all the facts. While we want to see the success of Antares in the time frame of 3-5 years it won't happen for the simple reason we will see a big consolidation in the pharma industry this year. PFE is by far the big player and its recent decision of having $57 Billon in cash is evident: they want to acquire the best companies in the biotech sectors to become the leader worldwide.

    Based on some researches and some friends I have in this industry I can say that the time where we will be bought is very close.

    I have bought my shares based on that even if it would have been been better to wait a 3-5 years period I prefer to have $ 10/share now than an hypothetic $25-30 within 3-5 year period.

    A final point is that Antares has not the cash to pursue its own organic development : it simply to expensive at this point of time in their history : too many sucesses too fast can ony lead to be bought by a bigger company : it's life.

    So buy Antares shares as much as you can and you will be soon rewarded and have your cash in your hands. After all, $10/share is not bad at all !