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  • jariulmer jariulmer Dec 12, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

    Finally, some volume!

    3.7M shares all selling at the lowest possible price!!! Somebody had some disposable income. I've commented before on how ridiculous NCQ's price movements are, even for a small cap. One Seeking Alpha article does not a company make. The most recent PEA reads fine to me. It's conservative overall save for a few optimistic ifs; which at their worst are still dwarfed by the massive production potential. As for today's volume, I guess nobody bothered to actually read the e-mail from Mr. Donnelly, he basically retorted (with, granted, a little more tact than President V N lately) to everyone of Hamlet Capital's 4 ranting points. Don't like the "prospect" part of mineral prospecting, fine...keep selling! Exploratory mining is not instant gratification, NCQ is going to go sideways for years until production. One must take the NPV of $500M times today's market cap and annualize it, if production starts in 7 years that still 20%+.

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