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  • otc_pink_trader otc_pink_trader May 7, 2011 11:42 AM Flag

    The perfect storm is brewing! This stock is a buy!


    The perfect storm is brewing!

    Lets recap. They have figured away to have silkworms produce spider silk, which is ten times stronger than steel and Kevlar. On a mass scale. Which changes the materials world in a big way, how big? Sigma-Aldrich invested in them and became share holders as well in each other.

    Let me remind you (SIAL) Market cap is over 8 billion. Do you think a company of this magnitude would stand behind something that did not have the potential to be big?

    I am quite surprised this stock has been so quiet, holding at .10 for so long. They were accumulating shares on the stock for weeks at .10

    They can not hold the stock back any longer as more news is coming out, more projects and more money. Remember we broke .26 cents with out heving the deal with (SIAL) now we have this deal and big money behind (KBLB) Stock is a buy for short term, mid term, and long term.

    Low float, big money, big scientists, big universities, big drug company. A new fiber that will change the world in which we live in, with the potential to earn billions in revenues from this new much more of a perfect storm do you need?

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