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  • dcrown Jan 19, 2012 2:47 PM Flag

    Did the worms die?

    Wow, the pps sure hit the skids..... After buying last year, I was thinking this stock was finally doing ok. I must be missing something for sure.

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    • Sure, you're missing something. People were expecting a conference call this month, instead they have one next month and the consolation prize is a prerecorded "interview" on a stock promotion site (I'd suggest having a look at the site itself, starting at

      Personally I don't find the delay itself alarming - after all if everything went exactly to plan the markets would be perfectly efficient and there'd be no money to be made - but what may have taken the wind out of some people's sails is the reason given.

      Some people (myself included) were hoping that this conference call would include significant progress on the monetisation of the 1st generation transgenic silk product. The fact that the CC has been delayed awaiting the next round of insertions suggests that there is not significant movement in that quarter - if there was surely they'd shouting it from the rooftops ?

    • Many of us have been in longer than one year and would like to see something happen. This is not an investment that will creap along... when positive information hits it will spike up very quickly. I heard M&A talked about in his interview for later this year. I would really like to have some idea how something like that might benefit our position.

    • We're all missing something, lots of things, but as shareholders we don't have a right to know

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