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  • eagle.legal8 Apr 24, 2012 8:55 AM Flag

    ***Another 2,000,000 Shares Dumped***

    It's getting so hot in here it feels like a boiler room...

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    • I see that you are up to #8 now, so you have been kicked off of yahoo more than seven times, plus all of those other alias that you use on all those other boards where you make a pest of yourself.

      Why don't you try to keep your BS on those other boards and stay off of this one!

      I have asked you for proof of this and all we get is MORE BS!

      Eventually Yahoo will get tired of kicking off every individual alias you make and black list your ISP account. Of course you can then go on to paying a new ISP but eventually this will get too expensive for your allowance.
      If you are using your daddy or mommy's account for all this, they should get angry enough when they find out that they have been blacklisted that you just might get the physical spanking that you deserve.

      Waiting and working towards that happy day, Mike L.

    • Another post by you with nothing to back it up. Please give a link or stop posting things you can not back up. I am interested in any information that could help me make decisions. I am not interested in someone posting because he has no one else will play with him. Get a dog.

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