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  • eight.ball63 Sep 20, 2012 8:03 PM Flag

    ***Eagle's On Your Message Board?***

    SDRG was halted for accounting irregularities and Eagle called it months in advance. What will happen here?

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    • "What will happen here?"

      What will happen here is that sick puppy "eagle" will continue to post meaningless derogatory crap and then will use various other stupidly made up aliases to Praise Himself!!

      Wake up people! just because he changed his name again does not mean he is not the same sick 12 y o puppy.
      You just have to keep putting each new sick puppy name on ignore and then he will only annoy you once per fake alias.

      GO AWAY! Sick Puppy! We know who you are.
      (and I will continue to announce to the slow ones each time you pop another pimple head.)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Here's the deal as I see it. Eagle is most likely hoping to drive the price down with bad remarks about KBLB. Others on this board do it every day, then buy and sell. While there's nothing wrong with that I don't subscribe to that technique even though it can be very profitable. I don't give them a thought nowdays because they are easily figured out. Now Mojo talks on both sides depending on which day it is buy or sell mode. He is actually pretty good at it but he could get caught someday on the short side of the stick. If tomorrow KBLB announced a very good deal signed sealed and delivered Mojo would find himself with no shares and while I think he is fairly good at what he does..... he might get caught in a very bad spot.
      As for Eagle don't pin a bow on him for saying a PINK was in trouble. Most do in time or they go ahead and make a big hit. GELYF is about the only PINK I know of that has been fairly stable over the years. Now if you go back to 2005 and look you will see the stock has been as low as .02 and as high as .65 but it doesn't normally have big moves suddenly.
      KBLB in my opinion has a very bright future and each is entitled to their own thoughts. 2012 should be a very good year... hope I'm right.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • only people who have made no money with kblb need worry about being caught without shares on some big event happening...kblb will have to open tomorrow at 50 cents before it can make any difference to me...
        people said the same thing to me 2 years ago when i started trading kblb...i was supposed to have been left at the station 12 times now as the kblb train was soon to leave...all those people are still waiting at the same station while i am 10 stops ahead of them now...
        no meed to worry about me...i cant lose anything because i have already won...

        thats how you play this game

    • Kraig will continue to make silk that is not good enough to make a difference in changing someone's need for silk.

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      • eight.ball63 Sep 21, 2012 4:49 AM Flag

        It's really the accounting issues that trouble me and some were raised here plus all this CSC and Hansel mess. If CSC was converting stock at a little more than 2 cents per the amended agreement, that's a pretty big deal if KBLB wasn't recognizing the expense which it appears that no expenses were recognized for the amended agreement. It only takes one SEC inquiry to halt this just like SDRG.

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