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  • boomers_butt_buddy boomers_butt_buddy Dec 27, 2011 4:12 PM Flag


    Totally stalled out.

    The only question now is does it sink quickly back to 37 cents a share, or does it aimlessly drift, moving a little lower each week.

    What's up with that WARNING from CMXI insiders stating there are substantial doubts about the company as a going concern???

    That sounds SCARY.

    Just check the filings its in there ALL THE TIME.

    Doesnt sound too positive to me.

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    • You should short CMXI then. You are confident. Short a few hundred thousand shares. There are a lot of bids in the high 90's so you would have no problem shorting a ton at that level. Please do it. Seriously, I'm begging you to short as much as you can.

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      • Why should I care what you think?

        You are just another MORON on a yahoo chat board.

        My God, you peeples around here are STOOPID.

        Does look like the CMXI dead cat bounce is finished.

        Only question now is, back down slowly, sideways drift with a steady decline, or the sharp fall to 37 cents.

        One seriously wonders why CMXI insiders put in every filing that there are substantial doubts about this company as a going concern.

        The cash bleed looks terrible.

        Their lead product, the Autolol! Gel, has been on the market for YEARS and still only brings in as much income as a couple of bus drivers in Chicago.

        I'd have serious doubts about own the stock of a company whose lead product cant even make more than a few bus drivers, after YEARS being in the market.

        Seems like a pretty clear signal to me.

        Nobody wants this product, or else they would be buying it by now.

        It's really just basic common sense.