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  • tajctda tajctda Aug 17, 2012 1:02 PM Flag

    It's really amazing how much Cytomedix has going for it right now

    The Zacks updated report really hits on a lot of it. I recommend reading it. From the Angel growth and all the potential there in orthopoedics to Aldagen and what a huge potential opportunity that is. Then of course, Autologel is the near term big value driver. I see multiple partnerships coming very soon in all avenues of healthcare- skilled nursing, hospital, wound center and home health. This really is a gem of a company at a low valuation with huge market opportunities that they are starting to capture. I really think this is a billion dollar company over the next 18-24 months. That's a lot of upside.

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    • Just curious, you know that CMXI pays Zacks money, right? Zacks is a sell-side promoter. It's not quid pro quo for them, but it's pretty close.

      Anyway, I'm not saying CMXI is a bad position to have, I'm just saying be careful what you read and make decisions based on.

      Good luck!

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      • That's not really true. Any analyst of any stock that you and I are able to read are sell-side analysts. A buy-side analyst is kept in house for the firm's or mutual fund's eyes only. It is possible that any firm or individual could pay for sell-side analysis, but that is not always the case for the company being looked at. They pick and choose stocks to analyze for other investors or individuals to pay through their website or for reports...

    • Management has the luxury to shop for the best deal..regardless of partnership revenue is going to continue to grow Q to this is to me the most important factor in preserving my stock equity..GLTA..I see the current situation as a buying opportunity...

    • I agree. Cytomedix has 3 related businesses that could all be worth many times the current company valuation. I agree with the Zacks guy that said this partnership delay creates a big opportunity to buy CMXI here. I am.

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      • The potential for Cyto right now is enormous. They have everything going for them except more money. And they need lots more money in a big way. These guys are spending money by the ton and making it by the half ton.

        JN lowered his price target on Cyto from $3 to $2 because he had modeled $6MM in payments projected from the partner that just went to zero. They need another partner deal fast, and yet must do it without selling too much of the highly valuable farm. These guys are smart enough not to let themselves go broke, cause that is when you lose all leverage trying to raise money.

        I suspect we will see some sort of raise within the month if a deal is not inked quick. Players know this, and the price will be held down until the money issue is resolved. Cash til 1Q2013 is not going to get it.

        I think when they make the Aldagen bet, they did so fully expecting the partnership to help fund the care and feeding of this very expensive pony, that has yet to race.

        I am sure things are interesting, if not tense, at Cyto headquarters right now.