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  • wisker_willy wisker_willy May 6, 2013 8:04 PM Flag


    Don't get too caught up in anything that happens during earnings week. The volume was litte changed today from recent sessions (about 175,000). Just some weak sisters dumping before earnings (and before they soil their blu jeans). I don't believe they know a damned thing about earnings.

    One last thing... if there is or is not a reverse split, it means nothing. You still have the same money in the stock. Stop obsessing about it!


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    • wisker, here is my obsession. At 40 cents, we can only go down 40 cents. When they do a reverse split to drive the price up to $2, we can now lose $2. Not only that, but since there are so few shares outstanding, mangment will want to issue more shares at $1.5 thereby diluting shareholders even more. More downside, more dilution, more poop on shareholders. R/S means they have failed to launch product adequately. They got a bonus and a raise for not doing their job. forgive me but it torques my jaw.