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  • lettucecometogether lettucecometogether May 7, 2013 9:45 PM Flag

    hit 52 week low today ... 43 cents.

    if cmxi was a great buy at 55 cents, it should be a better buy at 43 cents. Where are the insiders? Shouldn't they be lining up to purchase? Some recently got bonuses and raises to help them afford buying more/

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    • "First of all I happen to be a shareholder as I would say that 90% of posters on all boards are just parrots with an agenda ... restating the various platitudes supporting their nefarious or not so nefarious causes.... most of the time , their little posts are so far off from the dynamics of Cytomedix that it's laughable .

      Regardless ...there's no iphones here , but a very good business nonetheless .This dynamic team set out to build a company and so far things look great . The PRP market is a big pie and for some time everyone can have a slice .. eventually there will be consolidation...takovers, mergers etc.

      Q1 t will function on how acretive PRP is as Cytomedix is very well managed and cost conscious ... after that guidance will be large ... since this is a growth company earnings are not the top metric.

      I'm sure big money is watching as there is still still plenty of time for a retail investor to accumulate as we will experience just good steady organic growth along with a few nice surprises along the way.

      Remember every week is bad ... for somebody ... that's why many of us choose to invest in div stocks ... let'em sink for a while and buy cheap shares ... it's called INVESTING".

      Soon the losers will disappear off this board and try earn their pennies haunting other companys

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Waiting for next bonus