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  • vermillion_cliffs vermillion_cliffs Jan 2, 2014 10:19 PM Flag

    What of Aldagen

    According to the clinical trials dot gov website, there are four ongoing trials involving Aldagen products right now. Is it too old school to do research here to get unbiased information. Is it worth while for Cyto management to make sure this site is up to date so that potential investors can get unbiased information.

    There is a pilot study, a phase I study, and two Phase 2 studies shown as recruiting. If management does what it has says it intents to do, the Phase 2 stroke trial should show up as suspended or completed any day now. Please don't pay a consultant (or your cousin) 1 million dollars to interpret the results. Get the story out quick, and then update shareholders on the status and expenses borne by Cyto and other sponsors on the other trials. Jason N noted that Aldagen may be worth zero, or even a negative, to the overall value of Cyto. Why is that.

    Cyto should be touting the cost savings they are about to book, by weeding out the bad trials. Cyto should reduce staff or reassign staff and board members to working positions to save money. PUBLIC COMPANIES DO THIS ALL THE TIME. This is seen as supporting shareholders.

    Time to turn over a new leaf. Give potential investors something to consider other than filings and ugly financing terms.

    Lay out an endgame for Angel. What happens after the deal with Arthrex comes to an end. Could this be a big deal? Keep in mind that investors are not going to look many quarter into the future with a company that never has more than a quarters cash on hand. At what point does Cyto get back to the cashflow from Angel that it had before the deal with Arthrex.

    LAY IT OUT BOYS. If you leave it to guessing, no one is going to give you the time of day. Still trading near historic lows. Transparency at this point is worth more than speculation. You won't say something negative that is not already baked into the cake.

    PS - I thought the whole brite cell concept was pretty cool.

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