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  • sinker2oz sinker2oz Jun 30, 2010 2:39 PM Flag

    EPA Approval
    Ecosphere Technologies
    3515 S.E. Lionel Terrace,
    Michael R. Donn, Sr.
    Mobile Emergency Filtration System
    This system is capable of producing up to 60,000 gallons of high-quality water per day- enough for the needs of 10,0000 people per unit-stripping out all contaminants to very low or non-existen quantities. It’s the only filtration system of its kind to be tested and verified by the U. S. EPA through its Environmental Technology Verification Program to clean water from a man-made ofr natrual disaster.

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    • Sinker,

      I don;t want to rain on your parade, and I am Long ESPH all the way, but its important fully understand ESPH situation when doing Due Diligence.

      ESPH has NOT gained EPA approval for the process yet. This is still forthcoming, as are any patents.

      The 2006 EPA list you have linked clearly states: "UPDATED ON: April 15, 2006 IMPORTANT NOTE: This Vendor Listing merely captures information from vendors who have expressed interest in potential business with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the recovery efforts for Hurricane Katrina. Inclusion in this list does not constitute endorsement of any listed vendor. EPA/OARM/OAM offers no guarantee of any kind as to the vendors’ qualifications, responsibility, socio-economic status, technical or past performance, nor the validity of any technical claims. OARM/OAM has not evaluated, pre-qualified or
      certified these vendors in any way, for any Hurricane Katrina specific procurement."

      As I said, I'm LONG, but need to be realistic (hence my name).

    • Yes same machines! In 2005 Ecosphere's system was put to the test and then used in the Gulf region after Hurricane Katrina! It was tested by the EPA and passed all tests with FLYING COLORS! Ecosphere is listed on the EPA's Vendor List since 2006 with the following comments: It is the only filtration system of it's kind to be tested and verified by the US EPA through it's Environmental Technologhy Verification Program to clean water from a man made or natural disaster!!! It also states that Ecosphere's system strips out all contaminants to VERY LOW OR NON-EXISTENT QUANTITIES!

      See Ecosphere under vendor 69...

      Now for the past 2 MONTHS they held Ecosphere up AGAIN putting them through the same tests while shore communities and the ecosystem of the Gulf gets ruined! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DONATE AN OLD COMPUTER TO THE EPA SO THEY CAN STORE NOTES REGARDING TO WHAT TO DO WHEN THE NEXT DISASTER STRIKES!

      EPA must stand for Extremely Pathetic Agency! It never ceases to amaze me how during this Age of Information we have technology right under our nose that can help in these types of emergencies but the EPA can't remember what works from one disaster to the next!!
      The one department that is supposed to help protect the environment keeps failing us! There should be heads rolling in the EPA!

      Here is a company video showing how well their machine worked back in 2005! ns/view/33/cnn-coverage-of-ecospheres-water-purificatio n-system-in-action

    • Same machines?

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