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  • jklbuilder Jul 9, 2013 8:25 PM Flag

    Arbitration dates

    Lawsuit started 3-26. Arbitrators (3) had to be chosen by 4-8. Therefore about 3 months have passed. I have read numerous articles on arbitration and the standard time is 4- 6 months to reach an agreement. So if what I have read is correct ESPH should be rounding the corner.
    Anyone else concur with this time period?

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    • Actually the two parties had until 4/8 to decide and then arbitration process takes over if they could not agree, each party develops a list of potential candidates ranked by acceptance to the party, these lists are used to find highest ranking candidates on mutual lists then each party has a week to reject and if rejected then process starts over. Depending on how many candidates are going to be selected you can see how this can be strung out, then after agreement you have to get on the docket for preliminary hearing. Take a look at, I gave it a look this morning and it may be a while for us to hear something.

    • Extent of discovery is the key element in speed of the process. One additional thought - There is no allegation by ESPH, the plaintiff that technology was "stolen"; the theme is Halliburton, the defendant "stole" Ecosphere's business model.