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  • badgertodd2012 badgertodd2012 Jul 18, 2013 9:41 AM Flag


    With HAL resolving the NES buyout, will the ARB negotiation proceed ?? This may have been a problem. Where does HAL go & what do they do if ECO wins in restricting HAL use of the technology ??

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    • HAL did not buyout NES. It is a contracted deal to cooperate on services related to their water management plans. I believe HAL will use their recycling technology that they stole from ESPH, while NES will provide transport and other logistics and maybe service the recycling aspects too. Not sure what page of the ESPH business plan that they stole to look at. Should be interesting for the Arbitration. ESPH should be able to go to any HAL competitor and trump their service IMHO. They just need to make it happen. Hopefully it is several agreements and in the short term. Followed up by a payment of damages or a settlement to license Ozonix technology and equipment with a guaranteed purchase order.

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    • This bodes well for us IMHO, and ECO will be able to leverage this company purchase to facilitate a settlement out of court in order to avoid throwing a monkey-wrench into their latest positive acquisition.
      Legal at ECO still must impress enough upon legal at HAL that to avoid arbitration is in their best interests-and IF HAL doesn't bite out of court, they risk a larger loss through arbitration. No doubt this process is underway and we will be kept totally in the dark until it's concluded. LOXOMO

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