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  • dcrete11 dcrete11 Jul 26, 2013 10:48 PM Flag

    ESPH vs TSLA :

    Here is the TSLA market Cap, Key Execs and their pay. Now compare that with ESPH and Dennis's pay.


    Key Executives - TSLA Market Cap (intraday)5: 14.95B

    Mr. Elon R. Musk , 41
    Co-Founder, Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer and Product Architect 39.00K 0.00

    Mr. Deepak Ahuja , 50
    Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer 338.00K 1.36M

    Mr. Jeffrey B. Straubel , 37
    Chief Technical Officer 254.00K 0.00

    Mr. Gilbert Passin , 52
    VP of Manufacturing 270.00K 75.00K

    Mr. George Blankenship , 60
    VP of Worldwide Retail 449.00K 275.00K

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    • Tesla Motors, Really? Looks to Me like every one of those Execs is Under Paid ! So, just exactly What is Your Point ? Lol, oh ya You don't like Dennis' Salary. Well why don't You write that Genius and Tell Him He should take a cut in pay, as His inventive Genius resulting in 5 Patents isn't worth His Salt. If it weren't for Dennis and the Patents derived, There wouldn't even be Ecosphere Technologies, The Company.


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      • Thothra, not the point, true Dennis came up with the patents but being the CEO of a small struggling cash restrained company, he should show restraint and allow the companys cash to expand and help keep the bills paid untill such time we become large enough to be comfortable. All he is doing now is looking out for himself me first the company and stockholders will have to deal with what is left.

        I would say if Dennis could get by on say 350,000.00 a year, he is a major stockholder, if he sees a bright future, pull back on reducing the companies cash let the company expand then his shares along with are's will be worth more money.