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  • badgertodd2012 badgertodd2012 Sep 24, 2013 1:42 PM Flag

    ARB vs Negotiation

    Florida was selected as an ARB site in April. Nothings happened there, so I conclude negotiation is happening. HAL tells their trading desk ' keep the share price down so they don't have to pay to much'. ET is cash strapped in April. HAL tries to buy the whole Company rather than pay $100-$300 million awards. (We know they tried to buy ET years ago for $80 million) so its got to be much more. During the ensuing 6 months ET wins awards and enter FNF. The worth of the company goes way up and cash flow is not a problem. HAL: how about $300 million for the whole company.?? ET: No Way. HAL: How about $150 million for just O&G application ?? ET: Maybe, but just for US on shore & we want a 5% royalty on all production & we want FNES doing the servicing & we want a profit override on all Mfg. The real scenerio of course is different than my proposal. However, if ET got a deal like that on all applications, we'd be VERY happy. Something IS being negotiated. If ET wins in the World Trade Environmental Category, the O&G negotiation becomes richer. Does this mean settlement before Nov 15th ?? This is all my imagination but some form of it makes sense.

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    • What a puffer! You been smoking way too much.

    • You just keep thinkin', Butch. That's what you're good at.

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      • fnfjfo, I'm just trying to offset some of the mindless negativity. All that is happening for ET is positive. The future is bright. Choices by ET will have to be made in the future & we have no guarantee they'll choose the correct fork in the road. I've been investing for 50 years and this is the most promising situation I've seen where I committed large sums of money (for me) at an early stage of development. I'm experienced enough to know things can go wrong. But, the stage is set. Don't think that only HAL will be taking a run at ET. Even though some on this board make light of the awards, some VERY LARGE companies have taken notice of ET and this could be a reason why we await tangible news. One choice for mgmt.- should they cash out and have an early retirement or should they go for the GOLD.

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