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  • burtford1 burtford1 Sep 25, 2013 3:11 AM Flag

    The Silicon Valley of Water, and the Wizard of Water

    I just watched a special report segment on AJ News, Real Money with Ali Velshi. Milwaukee is pushing to become the freshwater capital of the world. They are investing more than $100M making inoculation centers and parks, which combine business, academic, and government in one place, always working together. The Wisconsin governor co-sponsored this program. They already have 25 companies in the Global Water Center. The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2009 became the first academic program with a School of Freshwater Studies. They generate lots of top young academics in water, engineering, biology, aquaculture, and all things fresh water. The Milwaukee Water Council estimates the US market for freshwater at $100B, and the world-wide market at $483B.

    I pray that ESPH is on the way there now, if not there already!

    On this same show tomorrow, there is an inventor being interviewed (they did not say the person's name) who wants to bring water, power, vaccines, and so forth to distant parts of the world, all delivered out of a shipping container. Is that as ESPH device?

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    • Burt, I'm a Grad of the U of W, Madison. Being from Appleton, I hope they don't lose the Wall-eye fishing on Lake Winnebago . Good to hear my old state cares about water pollution

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • 150 companies there already. is it plausible that some of these 150 companies would want to dove-tail with ESPH technology? Or that the opposite is also plausible?

      Or is it plausible that this Silicon of Water might come to dominate the market just by sheer volume of press coverage, contracts, patents generated by 150 businesses, the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee including their college of freshwater science, and the Wisconsin state government working together 24/7?

      what are the reasons why ESPH should NOT go to this global water center, as Milwaukee is calling itself now? why should ESPH stay away, and for how long?

    • Found some interesting links, here is what one said in part

      The UN Global Compact Cities Programme (UNGCCP) has commenced the first stage of research to map the development of Milwaukee’s progression to a World Water Hub. As a lead innovating city, Milwaukee’s holistic cross-sectoral approach has seen an initiative, that was initially economic development-focused, span the full spectrum of urban sustainability; economic, ecological, political and cultural.

      In September 2012, UNGCCP Researcher and Project Officer Julia Laidlaw, supported by the city of Milwaukee, visited the city to gather information on the Milwaukee water initiative and to conduct research into Urban Aquaponics – a naturally organic food producing technology, suited to the urban environment that is being being experimented with in Milwaukee as a way of addressing food insecurity in the city. She also attended the Growing Power Urban and Small Farmers Conference.

      The city of Milwaukee is situated on the shores of the Great Lakes where 25% of the world’s fresh water is found. In 2008 the then M7 Water Council successfully applied to become an Innovating City with the UNGCCP based on the economic development plan it had designed focusing on the sustainable use and management of water. Given the exponential growth and effectiveness of the, now named, Water Council over the last 4 years the UNGCCP has decided to explore this success by mapping the history and development of the initiative to date.

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