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  • amitychip1 amitychip1 Nov 26, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    Nice move LOXO

    LOXO, I remember seeing you post a message a little while ago that you bought more shares at $.24; taking advantage of the dips.

    Good for you. Hopefully, this climb continues and all the shares you've accumulated at a low price pay big dividends.

    I remember Hurst bought some on the dip as well. I applaud you guys and hope your willing to stick it out pays off.

    I haven't bought on the recent dips, but own plenty of shares. I hope I regret not throwing more $$ at it.

    Good job guys.


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    • eagleplanes101 Nov 27, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

      Great call for a smart trader, LOXO. By the end of the day nearly 1 million shares will likely have traded hands these last 3 days. Take a look at MEI for a trend. May have to wait till after earnings but until then it is likely to continue up. Normally there will be profit taking on many stocks after Thursday till early December.
      Your comments are welcome.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • That was under 50 cents, NOT 5 cents-but I don't know how to edit the post-my bad! LOXOMO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Amity-I just practice what I've preached on this board since I started investing in 2008-2009 vicinity at 18-21 cents/share my first 30k bought. At one time the stock shot up to $1.88 and I was up close to 40K and I then sold a large chunk to cash in around $1.65 heading south again to hell at 14 cents a few months back, where I loaded up again and will continue to load up heavily under 5 cents and even a buck. This type of play is highly risky, but the upsides are enormous in success. Sadly, it's impossible to predict the way this stock moves like other stocks tied to economic trends. But once any aspect of their business generates a large sale or court resolve, the stock historically has shown it will respond nicely and can drive back up to 41.88 very quickly-as I once witnessed it do. This is a fun little company and I have faith they will explode, hopefully in 2014 w/powerful sales, licenses, new distribution channels, et al Enjoy the big feast and thx for noticing my posts! LOXOMO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy