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  • hurstbw hurstbw Apr 30, 2014 5:22 PM Flag

    Florida State Legislators fund $232 Million in water projects; River rebound still unlikely this year

    STUART, Fla. - Good news for the toxic Treasure Coast waterways. Florida State House and Senate gave the region more funding than expected to get to work on projects this year.
    Here's a breakdown:
    •$90 million will go to raise the Tamiami Trail ( US 41)to allow more water to flow south.
    •$20 million will target trouble spots from Cape Canaveral to Vero ..and remove polluted muck from the bottom of the Indian river lagoon.
    •$32 million will fund a storm water treatment area in Palm Beach County to improve water quality in the Everglades.
    •$40 million for C-44 Project Additional Phase in western Martin County
    For now, Health Advisories in Martin and St Lucie Counties are posted for the St. Lucie River, and its only April.
    "We are scared to see what summer may bring because some are saying we could see another year like this." said River Protest organizer, Katy Lewey, who is planning a 9 a.m. protest at the St Lucie Locks Saturday in western Stuart.

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    • Ecosphere is proposing to use Ozonix® to balance out the ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) in the C-44 Canal and bring it up to life-sustaining levels. They want to deploy mobile and fixed Ozonix® units at various points along the canals coming out of Lake Okeechobee to treat water in multiple stages and treatment zones. As untreated water passes through multiple Ozonix® treatment zones, harmful bacteria will be destroyed and highly oxygenated, treated water will aid in creating a better balance in the lagoon.

      The proposed array of Ozonix® units has the ability to add millions of gallons of highly-oxygenated/high ORP oxidant water to the C-44 Canal. Ecosphere is also proposing to design custom Ozonix® boats to respond to harmful algal blooms on an as-needed basis. Ecosphere is currently working with local officials and key resource management groups towards establishing an Ozonix® pilot program.

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    • Absolutely none of this money is allocated, or even anticipated, for esph. Stop pumping this lie that ecosphere is going to get any money for everglades or indian river lagoon cleanup. You are pumping by implying they are even in this ballgame.

    • Hurst, could ET be overlooked again ???

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      • Would hope not after the Governor's invite to his mansion for a photo opportunity in January... From what I can tell is Phillips and Jordan were awarded the C-44 Army Corps of Engineers contract in 2011. As well, Ecosphere demonstrated their equipment for the purpose of treating those waters last Fall and filed a patent : Apparatus for treating Lake Okeechobee water
        US 20140048466 A1
        These patent filings teach a method to use Ecosphere's patented Ozonix® water treatment technology to increase and maintain desired oxygen levels in the C-44 Canal (St. Lucie Canal) that feeds the St. Lucie Estuary and Indian River Lagoon.

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