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  • badgertodd2012 badgertodd2012 May 3, 2014 10:00 AM Flag

    Faith in the Business

    For those who didn't notice or forgot these transactions.At the end of Dec. 2013 Four institutions and a Director bought 1 3/4 million of 2 year 10% notes cv at 30 cents. Also 11 1/3 million wts with 35 cent strike price were issued. These investors had enough confidence to believe the 30-35 cents price level would be surpassed in the next two years. We have no guarantees, but they got enough info to have faith in their investment.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • It just goes to prove that the Mac would screw anyone for a buck.The guy left last year after 3 months because of maybe not having faith in the company or he realized he was CEO of a shell company.If the Mac knows you won't get to collect he'll could issue a billion warrants.

    • I have faith in the technology.

      I have ZERO faith in the way the company is managed because of:

      a. compensation pkgs to all 4 McGuires that are 100% out of line with company finances

      b. no report on royalites

      c. sales bonuses to Dennis McGuire on No Sales

      e. a BOD that will do nothing about 'A' and 'C'

      f. no CCs

      g. no information dispersed to shareholders, month in and month out

      h. no rapid response to market niches with potentially very good returns