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  • sgiseller sgiseller May 12, 2014 11:52 AM Flag

    What can shareholders do


    To get ET's management responsive to us?
    Time to band together!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • count me in .2 yrs. waiting. once a thief always a thief

    • patthenewfie May 12, 2014 4:52 PM Flag

      Is anyone interested in investigating starting a class-action suit against Dennis , all the officers of the company and the Board of Directors? I would like to see the Board of Directors included in such class-action suit. PPS continues to go down while the officers, etc., are given enormous rises with nothing positive to show for it. Maybe it is time to get the SEC involved!

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      • 1. Dennis continues to get salary increases on no sales/revs/earnings = there is no rational, ethical, economic justification for that

        2. Dennis continues to get sales bonuses on no sales = again, no rational, ethical, economic justification here either

        3. Dennis does not report on royalties = completely unethical to the shareholders

        4. Dennis does not believe in Conference Calls = 100% unjustified:

        a. what does he have to hide from us

        b. if he is not allowed to say anything about the ARB if someone asks, then just say so, it is not difficult....

        c. ARB required silence does****NOT*****extend to the rest of the company business which shareholders have every right to be kept up-to-date about and given a platform to ask questions about

        5. Dennis: I suggest you start listening to the dissent among shareholders r.e your silence and the unsupportable and unsustainable compensation packages b/c it is real and it will be addressed in a class action suit if we have to

    • We can't do much if there is any court ordered direction of silence during the arbitration decision or SEC rules of silence during a material event period for all executives/management of the company. We will find out more through SEC filings or when any material event is properly disclosed in my opinion.

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      • Hurst, you are correct. ARB has been going on for 1 1/2 years. A gag order is in place which I called a quiet period in previous months. "The Lid" is a successful technique being used by HAL to keep the market cap low while Arbitrators view the merits of the case. The low evaluation is a great starting point from which HAL can negotiate if negotiation is to happen. We're all anxious for info, but shouldn't expect info if we understand the process.

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      • Hurst: I think SGI is talking about silence in general rather than just with regard to ARB. We are left in the dark with a wall of silence b/c Dennis does not communicate with us and it is disturbing.