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  • gelt711 gelt711 Feb 9, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    YTD Increase

    FIDO Contrafund is up YTD 5.70% on mostly capital appreciation as of February 8th...

    I'll take capital appreciation over dividends and capital gains any day as one does not pay any taxes on capital appreciation until a sale of shares is made. With dividends and capital gains one pays taxes on those distributions at the end of the year. With capital appreciation one just rides the increases of the daily NAV's turning future sales into long term holdings thus reducing the higher tax bite.

    Tommy Tom Tom doesn't get it, but some of you might...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • divi's hav been the unsong here of the market and the best provider of wealth over capital appreciation for almost 100 years!... its all about the economy and being that capital gains has been at a decent % divi's are the way to go !! u fool... where is the SEC in all of this, where is all the divi's collected by fidelity goin there gelt??? danoff jumbo jet??? its sickning already I WANT MY MONEY! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!!!!!

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      • ME, the fool; no, you are the fool - you pay taxes on your investments, and I don't until I sell. And, then, it becomes a long term tax that I pay. Just like Romney; 14%, although it will take a slight jump this year because of the new tax regulations on long term capital gains...

        You state, " Its sickening already I WANT MY MONEY! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!!!!!"

        You don't belong in the market; you have no idea of the concept, and psychology, of the market! GET OUT AND STOP YOUR "baby" WHINING...

        You want to go head to head with me; bring it on - I'm only an experienced investor of 35+ years with an MBA in Economics, and a BS in Financial Management...

        It's enough already!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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