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  • maxkolbe maxkolbe Apr 25, 2012 7:33 AM Flag

    Quick Thoughts

    AAPL likely enter into agreement with China Mobile early next year.
    I've been long on SPRD, but am not satisfied with management's "iffy" response regarding Q2, and their Q3-4 has been called into question by competition.

    I've hung on for at least two, stellar drops... touting the company's dominance. Needless to say, that has been called into question by numerous commentators and analysts in recent weeks vs. competition. And now AAPL likely entering (yes, in some respect they are "apples and oranges" with regard to price-point- pardon the pun, but it is market share). Management has itself suggested this will be a "year of transition."

    In the absence of clear, decided strength (that I really thought existed prior to a couple weeks ago), there is merit with regard to Scleung's rational positions of: (1) Don't marry it; (2) Play the curves on strength. Until strength-establishment is clear again-- I've shifted to becoming a pattern trader with SPRD... I could get smeared by it rocketing right now, but in the shadow of May 3, with softness, and competition already being broadcast... I fear over all it's going to drop substantially before it rises again. For my fellow longs still in- I'd be delighted to be wrong.

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