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  • panamax950 panamax950 May 9, 2012 1:29 PM Flag

    China Mobile to sell 80 millions of TD phones this year

    May 9 afternoon news (Sang Ju) chip and the terminal has been troubled by the healthy development of TD-SCDMA industry chain bottlenecks. As the leading force in the industry chain, China Mobile has also been a variety of ways through the special fund and terminal subsidies to promote industrial process.

    According to informed sources, in order to better delivery and implementation of the TD terminal strategy, as a strategy instead of the mobile terminal, mobile terminal held last week in an industrial chain of communication to the General Assembly. "The message is still very positive, China Mobile hopes to achieve this year, 70 million to 80 million terminal shipments, but also for smart phones accounted for more than 50%.

    The people who think before China Mobile has been conducting large-scale terminal Central Purchasing and Distribution, but on the specific model configuration, the low-end feature phones accounted for the lion's share. Domestic 3G is about to enter the outbreak of the growth phase, a large proportion of the replacement needs of existing users of China Mobile, China Mobile is not suitable for smart mobile phones, may cause the loss of the user. "

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    • "On the other hand is user demand for data services, most core of the overall business revenue of China Mobile's voice service, voice service is a rigid demand and the increasingly fierce market competition, while the growth in data services is very fast, However, if we do data services, and certainly can not do without the support of the intelligent terminal has a good user experience. "

      According to the Ministry of Industry announced a quarterly operating conditions of the telecommunications industry statistics show, domestic 3G penetration has exceeded 15%. 3G penetration in accordance with the operators of the mainstream international development experience, once they reach 15% it means that is about to enter the scale of the outbreak of the growth phase, but also data services test operator network carrying capacity important moment, this moment is the development of 3G really the critical period .