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  • scleung scleung Dec 18, 2012 9:19 AM Flag

    jjhenry NOK

    I accumulated 5000 shares of NOK when it was under $2. Do you think you would had the balls to short NOK at that time. I trade based on charts. Have you ever thought that I could be buying SPRD while I was bashing SPRD. LOL. Just because I don't hold for long term doesn't mean I won't buy POS stocks like SPRD. SPRD is a POS but nothing is completely useless. SPRD could be used as fertilizer.

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    • poor poor scleung. if he had held onto sprd for only a little bit longer! Once again, the "scleung x-factor" has made me money! Shorted when scleung went long, made about $2k, went long when scleung sold, made about $12k. All this in less than a week! That brings my grand total for the year using the "scleung x-factor" to about $100k. This is just on sprd! Dude, tell me more. if you're long NOK, I'd love to short, but I don't see much upside in shorting. But i'll be watching....

      BTW, you are the biggest idiot EVER!