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  • jkistotass jkistotass Dec 18, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

    jjhenry Don't worry about me

    Scleung, as promised, I'm out of sprd right now. Made about $16k on that trade in less than a week. but i'll be sure to tell the board when i'm in again, not after the fact!

    BTW, I'm not worried about you. To the contrary. I just want you to keep posting your ideas so I can do the opposite. As long as you do that we'll be fine.

    Once again, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!

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    • Like I said, I don't give out free information. The only reason why I got on this board 11 months ago is because some idiots think they could predict stock prices and they think I couldn't make money using charts. LOL. I don't trade to get bragging rights. I trade to make money and I couldn't care less that someone else makes more than I do. Good for them.

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      • scleung, scleung, just don't get it do you?? i'm making money because i think you're an idiot, simple as that. you do something, i will do the opposite. i don't care if you make money, how much you make, how good your charts are....blah blah blah. i only care to do the opposite of you. why???? because i think you are an idiot!!

        do you understand my message now?? perhaps I need to use crayons so you can understand. now....what is your next trade?? please tell me. I will pay you to tell me what your next trade is!!!!