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  • noddabing01 noddabing01 Jan 9, 2013 3:08 PM Flag

    Zoom/Spread at CES, what's up with that?

    anyone want to share?

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    • Went to the SpreadZoom booth on Tuesday. Although they registered as SpreadZoom months ago the booth was the old TCB Digital booth. Only standard TCB phones and staff of 4 who were williing to say nothing about the sale of TCB and the future.
      My guess is they are waiting for a further corporate announcement before saying anything (if they have even been told details). I'm sure any SpreadZoom release has to be approved by Spreadtrum since Original Zoom Stockholders and Spreadtrum are likely equal partners at roughly 47.4% (based on an old presentation) with the government somehow controlling the remainder.
      Best scenario would be an announcement this week with A. Chan and P. Wong holding a press conference at CES....But don't hold your breath.
      This could still be a good thing for shareholders (dumping the low margin china market, and keeping the Spreadtrum relationship in place with a new factory to make higher margin phones for export) but we will have to wait until earnings in February to likely get more information.

      Sentiment: Hold