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  • motohead4ever motohead4ever Feb 5, 2013 5:56 PM Flag

    scleung is full of it, at least JJ calls it

    I think the most entertaining thing about this board is following scleeng and jjhen go at it! so far i have to say that scleng is getting his butt whipped. at least jj calls his trades. scleng talks about how he bought in the 16s after the fact. jj, i hope you keep kicking scl's butt. that dude sounds like a major tool!

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    • I'm sure you want me to call stocks like HLF, SWHC, and MRVL just to name a few. Do the #$%$ homework yourself. If you're too lazy to learn how to read charts, you don't deserve to make any money in the equity market. Timing is everything. Longs make money. Shorts make money. Stupid bagholders lose money.

    • I won't call anything here. If I call it on the MB, that's like giving information away for free. Now when was the last time someone dumb enough to give you good free information. Just look at the charts if you're smart enough to know how to read them. I already proved myself back in December 2012. Move along newbie