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  • EDDIEMAHONY EDDIEMAHONY Dec 6, 2005 8:53 AM Flag

    k field


    i have been out of this stock for a while.what is the statas of the k field?do you think is a diamond in the ruff!

    thanks eddy

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    • Bwa-hah....

      Don't ask Robscat (aka bar-bar... aka timwood... aka sellontherumor... aka etc,etc) anything except how much 'they' think management sux and how much of a Richard Cranium Mike Bolser is. Other than those two subjects, 'they' don't have a whole lot to say, and nothing to say that's worth reading.

      It really sux when you can't do "you're" own DD and you lose "you're" butt after buying something you read about in a newsletter... it makes you end up in a mental institution spending all day in the computer room making up multiple IDs and posting bash messages on Yahoo finance boards.