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  • nuljava75 nuljava75 Jun 23, 2011 11:11 AM Flag

    Attention 2012 bond holders

    as some of you know, i am trying to configure and tabulate an understnanding as to how six different virtual electronic bond exchanges interface and interact with one another and also broker dealers.

    the largest and most common bond market is the OTC exchange. this particular exchange is still reporting blockbuster as issuer name/symbol on the bonds. however several others are not; they are reporting DISH as the issuer symbol/name.

    so far, i have heard from scottrade & etrade folks who actually own the 2012 bonds in these broker dealer accounts. they are still being reported with blockbuster as the issuer name/symbol.

    however not all broker dealers are created equal. some have more self-help interface than others. in other words according to my interactions with folks on this board, with scottrade you have to call someone on the phone to get a quote. with etrade you have to electronically submit an offer or bid request. in both cases you can not actually see the exchange or a real time quote. but from a discussion i had just now with a guy over on the SunPower boards regarding a completely different matter, it is my understanding that some broker dealer platforms actually allow you to enter in a cusip and you can get a real time snap shot, no different than a quote for a stock, where you can see any visible bids or sells in all of the electronic virtual exchanges.

    therefore my mission right now is two-fold. finding current 2012 bonds holders with broker dealers other than scottrade & etrade and hearing about their position display names. and also possibly finding anyone with other broker dealers like thinkorswim, tdameritrade, interactivebrokers, tradeking, mytrack, fidelity, mbtrading, optionshouse, noble & any others out there that could possibly input the cusip number directly into the platform and get an output quote display similar to a bid/ask for a stock.

    i will have more updates shortly.

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