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  • gmaggipinto7 gmaggipinto7 Jun 28, 2011 11:32 AM Flag

    How does Zendls know who bloaqworhnadapipelsiegel is ?


    "Greg must be a pedophile and killer!"


    Now what makes this interesting is that Zendls sold her BBI position on 4/9.

    And yet some 75 days later this sterling defense of bloaqworthnadapipelsiegel, shows up.

    You think it's possible that Zendls knows bloaqworthpipelsiegel ?
    After all, she's sure that he's NOT Scott Siegel.
    Zendls, how do you know he isn't ?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • What I don't understand is why we have post after post after post from this cyberbully poster, Gregory Maggipinto, demanding that other posters disclose personal trading information with him. Not only is it a display of Greg's mental illness, it's harassment.
      Just say 'no' to cyberbullies!

    • zendls Jun 28, 2011 1:44 PM Flag

      Greg, if you're going to quote me do it right. If you're not going to use the beginning of the sentence you would quote "... the" to let readers know that it isn't a complete sentence. But you know that and intentionaly took that one little piece of of context to change the entire meaning. Just another example of your dishonesty. My point, as you know is that falsely accusing BWN of being Siegel based on both using a well known phrase about a dear in headlights is no less absurd than me falsely accusing you of being a pedophile and killer just because you're the same gender and have the same number of legs as Albert Fish, a well known pedophile/killer. You ask how I know BWN isn't Siegel. Common sense deputy Fife! In this country folks are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. You've given us your evidence and it was found bogus. Then there is your character - or lack there of, that makes your accusations worthless. Really, you want us to believe BWN is Siegel because he used one common phrase! You're absurd Greg. How do I know he isn't? How do we know you're not a pedophile? Get real.

    • You'll get rich with that one Bill.

    • Well,

      At least we know of one contract that Dish left with the Debtor.

      NCR Corporation, Alliance Agreement, dated January 23, 2009.

      Rejection date: 05/26/11

      Now all we have to wait for is the decision of a judge as to whether The BB 2009 Trust could be purchased by Dish and if in fact Dish can purchase the Asset, can they bar NCR from using the Brand Name. I'm guessing that NCR wins that battle and now that Dish has rejected the Agreement the revenue and any other rights that go along with the agreement stay with the Debtor.


    • blob, did you find that Schedule 1.1(e) "Purchaser Assumed Contracts" yet? Still waiting.

    • Flourface IS on a roll today.

      GO FLOUR!

      GO FACE!



    • You really gotta take a breath buddy - wow- you're gonna give yerself a heart-a-stroke. Sheesh! lol.