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  • gmaggipinto7 gmaggipinto7 Jun 28, 2011 3:16 PM Flag

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    "I understand your concern, as I too have been reading about some of Greg's possible mental disorders and believe he is capable of being dangerous"

    "Estella begs & pleads with her husband to take his medications. He tells her a hundred times a day, “No, and if you forget to address me as “Sir” again I’ll beat you again. Estella usually cries herself to sleep as her mentally ill husband sleeps in his office chair, waking periodically to check for new posts. It’s really quite sad."


    "Can I suggest that you ask your wife to help you contact your doctor. I've been reading about some of your symptoms and I believe that you can be helped"

    "You're a sick man Mr. Maggipinto. When charged with your crimes did you use the insanity plea? "

    "Yes, Kwitch, Gregory Paul Maggipinto and his wife, Estella, both have criminal records in the State of California.

    Now here's Zendls trying to help kwitch, a guy who spent 18 months bashing her stock holdings.
    Who made this amazing prediction anticipating a pre-earnings release in a stock he hadn't followed at all, while spending his time bashing VG...
    which just so happens to coincide with the price in the selling lie made up by bloaqworthnadasiegel for his interest in helping shareholders.
    "I sold BBI at .75"..bloaqworthzero.

    So it isn't just bloaq basher BWZ that Zendls is trying to help, she's also interested in helping kwitch, who only bashed her stock holding 5,500 times over the 18 months she claims to have held it.

    And now, it comes out that both bloaqworthnadasiegel and kwitch knew enough inside information to sell BBI at .75, just before the shares were sliced in half by a pre-earnings announcement.

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