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  • gmaggipinto7 gmaggipinto7 Jul 5, 2011 5:19 PM Flag

    Question for kwitch


    When you loaded the semis to buy VG at .39, after predicting the lowest price ther stock would hit, why did you switch to following Bockbuster for two years ?
    I mean the stock went bolting higher by 700% right after you bought, why didn't you stay with your VOIP expertise, that enabled you to make this enormous profit using your unbelievable market timing ?

    Can you explain how VOIP experts like you and mememeazrak have such odd dual interests ?

    Also, when you said sell BBI at .75 bec/ you said it would hit .39...did you know that bloaqworthnadapipelsiegel, from Aventura Fla, like mememeazrak, was going through a life changing experience, after he sold BBI at the exact same price you did, just before the stock plunged on the pre-earnings release ?

    A life changing experience that would cause him to create a name bloaqworthzero to say sell bloaq at 1/15th price he sold for, some 5,000 times over the next 9 months.

    we're listening

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    • How does a guy that is long one minute at .75 just know using "common sense" that the earnings will be bad enough to get it to .39 almost overnight. What the hell was he doing in a stock like that to begin with what kind of a guy is holding one minute and sure it is going to go the .39 the next. No company loses that kind of money over night. If he was using common sense why wasn't he lightening up sooner.

      Sounds to me like he heard a little birdy saying "sell, it's just the right time to sell". Can't have been "common sense", sounds like he doesn't have any. I wonder when that little birdy will whisper "Buy".

    • vg almost went bankrupt a blind man could see it was going down with all their losses and expensive debt. why do you think anyone that uses common sense is an insider billy? does your guru even have a job? why oh why didnt he give to the lawyer fund?

    • Kwitch, all you do is tell people to sell at a loss. Are you proud of what you are doing? You did the same thing in VG. All those people who sold at a loss would have been better off listening to Greg, right? Did you tell people to buy VG when you were buying as Ara Lovitt was selling. No, you have nothing to be proud of Kwitch.