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  • gmaggipinto7 gmaggipinto7 Jul 18, 2011 1:44 PM Flag

    Bloaqworthnadapipelsiegel has a funny way of living in fear


    "I don't want you knowing who I am (for my own protection understanding FULL well the kind of person you are and what your mental illness makes you capable of). That's right...I fear you. Does that make you feel good? I fear you because you are a loose cannon who is the type of nut job who goes off the handle and turns violent once the delusions start to unravel. Your delusions have been unravelling for some time and your anger and paranoia are increasing. I see it.

    You have a very scary future ahead of you, Big Fella. It won't get any easier for you. This I know for sure "

    So as a result of this fear, what you decided to do was lie about my selling my shares of a company you have no interest in, on a public message board ???

    And then, start your day, 18 months after you sold, with an unsolicited post about me.

    And the reason you do this is because..

    "He became the shareholder representative and that made me furious..and it made me angry. Yes, I decided I had to post just as much as him and with just as much passion to try and keep you from being like me. That's the honest truth." also said, "My investment in Blockbuster "and the fact" that I sold around .75/share"

    which only highlights the FACT, that you waited 9 months before trying to keep other shareholders from being like you, to save them .05, when you yourself saved .75

    even though you were angry enough to post every day to save others from your fate.

    Wouldn't it have been better for the people you're trying to save if you told them to sell at .75, instead of .05 ?
    After all, you've been at this for almost 10 months and the stock is still .05 !

    We're listening.

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    • obsessions arent healthy please get a job maggie.

    • Hi REIT...I mean, GREG!! Yeah, i've been pumping MGM since the 4's...ARIA forever...ONTY for the last 85%....goes on and on.

      You have been stuck here watching your tiny life savings (post VG disaster) dwindle away.

      yeah, I'd much rather watch my portfolio rise throughout time.


    • gomer
      you speak of the smell test.

      after a weekend with maggie your stech could empty a subway car

    • stoussy's been hittin the drink tonight!

      i bet you have broken blood vessels on that nose of yours.

      am I right?

    • I think Kwitch sleep about four hours a night. Twenty hours a day on the message board of a company he claims no finacial interest in. And long term too, going on two years shortly since Icahn wrote that paper in 2009, and now owns.

      That doesn't pass a smell test from across the room.

    • meme - let's be honest here. If you were Bill, would you sleep well?


      Me neither.

      Thankfully...I am not.

    • based upon your posting history you don't sleep well.

    • The "thought" of common sense investing like Kwitch does is intriging, considering the kind of returns you could make. I don't think I would sleep well at night or look in the mirror without feeling kind of sick, but it would be attractive from a profitability standpoint.

      The only thing is, I wouldn't like the idea of someone like you checking up on what I have said about the trades I made, or on where I learned the "common sense" information I got my "common sense" from.

      Come to think of it, I think the information Kwitch gets is not all that "common", in fact I would call it "closely held" information.

      Only a select group is supposed to be privy to what he knows and those that are should be reporting their trades in Blockbuster shares to the SEC.

      Hopefully the SEC learns of all his trades. Two bits says they will have an striking correlation to the highs and lows in the long term chart of Bloaq and VG.

      I'll bet his trades have an uncanny similarity to those of Scott and Heather Siegel as well. Probably some Borders share trades in those accounts too, same trades and same times, almost like the same person making them.

      Kwitch probably thinks we all would like to be like him.

      Martha Stuart, on the other hand, would probably advise us that the practice of "common sense investing" can be somewhat confining at times.

    • maggie your investment is a shell with no operations 1 employee 100 million in cash and over a billion in debt does this seem like a good investment were listening.

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