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  • bloaqworthnadaa bloaqworthnadaa Sep 26, 2011 10:13 PM Flag

    Greg Maggipinto Slanders Scott Siegel for Months

    Why is it that Greg Maggipinto slanders an innocent man for months on end with 100's of posts? Eventually...well...things won't turn out very well for Greg Maggipinto. Again.

    You really get a sense of how hypocritical our crazy Greg Maggipinto is when you see him calling Scott Siegel an inside trader over and over and over again. I mean...that truly CAN be proven to be slanderous to someone who works in the financial industry. I wonder how a judge would feel about hundreds of posts...versus one or two now and again....i mean hundreds and hundreds of posts over a long period of time defaming someone and calling them an insider trader on a public message board.

    oh...but Greggy threatens legal action against anonymous posters who wonder why a stroke hasn't brought the sick man down yet. ha ha ha A convicted felon who has FINRA suspensions, restraining orders----a convicted swindler who has been proven to have lied to FINRA over and over again to try and cover his tracks--yeah---he really has a case here for slander. wow. so ridiculous.

    Eventually Scott Siegel will say he's had enough of this from Mr. Greg Maggipinto. Eventually he'll take the 100's of posts to his attorney for some action. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already...but it might at any time. Too bad Greg has all of his life savings tied up in this POS worthless stock that will be canceled soon. His average is above $1 a these little boosts into the teen cents range doesn't improve his mood one bit. Have you noticed? We have.

    poor Greg.

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    • How is it you are so confident of the possibility that Scott Siegel will open himself to discovery of his trading habits and sources of trading information.

      Do you know the man and his trading habits personally?

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      • BWN,

        What kind of information does a guy have to have to make a decision to heavily invest in the "unsecured Debt" of a company that he has disparaged for a year, confident that the shares have absolutely no value whatsoever. Knowing that the process of bankruptcy will have a further debilitating effect on performance, he invests heavily in notes the sellers of which have been in negotiations with the debtor for many months and are willing to sell at almost zero value. These are supposedly knowledgable investors who have at least some degree of inside knowledge who sell for almost a total loss.

        And yet Scott is confident enough to invest a "chunk of his net worth in the almost valuless notes, as well a his relatives cash.

        Do you think the guy might have some information that the sellers have been fed a line by management. Notice he has not sold his position yet, even though the stiuation looks a little more dire than at the time he first bought them.

        I would say he is one tough guy or he has knowledege the notes are valuable in spite of his addmission that he lost everything.

        You seem to know a lot about Scottie, do you think his records will show he took the contra position to what you have been investing in. You know, the things you advertised on the message board. If he bought what you did he has got to be one of the unluckiest investors in the country. On the other hand, if he was short what you say you bought he would be making bank.

        What say you Bloaqie?

      • give it up billy boy your hero lost all credibility years ago when he accused half of northern callyfornya of being truckee his playland investigations only result in doubled over laughter now why is that?