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  • last3past last3past Apr 1, 2012 5:47 PM Flag

    Good Evening Children

    Thought I'd stop by, been awhile. Glad to see "jerry", tax and billstrouss doing their appointed rounds on April 1st. Intergalactic!
    Any questions/assertations for me about BB Liquidating? The board seems to have shifted over to talking about Blockbuster instead; best discussed on DISH's board, but I suppose old habits die slowly.
    Rather than hijack another thread, if you got something about BLIAQ or BLIBQ you'd like to discuss today, ask away! I think I might even clear my Ignore User list... well, maybe.

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    • gee how awkward will it be working at strouss bros after the shares are cancelled ?? "thanks for the tip boss!" nol nol

    • Chuck, does billy boob pay you on a regular basis?

      Or does he give excuses, like the check is in the mail?

      Or you'll be the first one paid when the garbage truck sprouts wings?

      Or Carl Icahn stole the company funds?

      I would want to be paid in diners like the rest of the boys... Nice and clean that way.

    • Bonk, seems I struck romo's nerve along the way and he just wants to keep bringing certain things up. But I guess going with his preferred name: Josephine really gets his blood pumping. So I'll have to go back to Romeo-likie unINTELligente to share that he worked on Ravi Sharma's construction site. I guess now Joe-sephine will Hoffman puff man all the way around to Drinkward with President Wayne. Then again maybe if the pipe fits romeo will keep on taking it.

      Simply Ask for Non Disclosure by Romo Again and again and again, Stockcheese

    • Charles, are you really employed by Bill Strouss? Or did I make that up too?

      Are you a CAD operator? Or are you the secretary?

      How many shares do you own?

      J P I P E L

      Just please install proof excuse lies

    • Thanks Bonk that was really funny. I literally laughed on that one.

      Now, how long was that one locked and loaded?

      Well done.

    • No, I made it up.

      I also have acquired over 2 million Blibqs.

      Thanks for the shares sucker.

    • Josephine, did you ever actually work at the site for I n t e l, because you sure don't display any intelligence when it comes to this message board.


    • Last,

      Not so much...just a realist...this was a risk/reward situation...happens in the market every day.

      Let's not be a "Debbie Downer"...unless of course you can "Prove" your world here is coming to an end?

      "If" it goes that you really think everyone here is going to harm themselves?

      We are here for the reasons Jerry/Taz/Pie/Bill/yx and many others have pointed out to you...possibilities. It is really quite simple. carry whatever demeanor you see fit.

      I'll stick with the glass half full...Thank You.


    • Well "able" you are about as blissfully ignorant as a person can get. You have made it clear you don't have the slightest clue what has happened, is happening or will happen with this company. Carry on! Stay Happy!

    • Ha!

      I make one reference to you...and out you come.

      It won't be that much of a "dissapointment" this point...just another day in the closed.

      You might want to render your "Services" over at GNOM and Conn...they might need you more...and offer a better paychex.

      Good Luck Psycic


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