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  • rld4191966forever rld4191966forever Jan 24, 2012 5:22 PM Flag

    Heart breaking for VNQ

    If it goes down, where are you getting out, and maybe back in?
    You know our economy isn't coming back, for a couple decades.
    Nothing WORKS forever, first signs it wont is when People stop Working.
    The Outflow of money the next 4 years will take the dow under 4000. People need money, if you don't have millions your going to drain savings.
    Maybe if they threw 500 bankers in jail and seized their assets, It would be a different story, but America and the World have big problems.
    One thing's for sure, this thing isn't going to end good. Be glad your old and enjoyed the 60's 70's, the kids today are hosed and with their bad attitude, I don't care. Let them play with their communication devices, living at home doing nothing while the govt pays them enough to eat and go to Vegas once a year.

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