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  • tahoe_edge tahoe_edge May 31, 2010 5:48 PM Flag

    For Those of You Too Ignorant to Figure Out June Div

    here is a link to the dividend distribution list issued by the entity that actually pays the dividend, State Street Global Advisors. (Stop going to third party sources like Bloomberg for your information. Bloomberg has a reputation for being notoriously inaccurate.)

    The dividend was increased slighlty. It was not cut, as reported by SN poster vodooloung nor was it cut 30% as reported by SN tracquest. These people are either trolls, or they are just plain stupid. My guess is that are just stupid, which would explain in large part why they are not successful in the market. If you are so damn dumb that you can't figure out something as simple as a dividend payment, you mostly likely have other major problems in your life in addition to being broke. Both of you can apologize to the board later for spreading lies if you have the nuts.

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    • yahoo has it wrong. it's .31993

    • Dude, those are strong words for someone who posts to a y! message board.....
      Thanks for the link.....the div just showed up on my chart this morning...the number from the one below it must have been used instead.

      However, the risk to this ETF is all to the upside. The chart is painting a symetrical triangle which should resolve itself to the downside.....If you're long, you may want to consider some protection.

      Me....I'm short....synthetic.....because I'm stupid, broke and don't want to be liable for the dividend....whatever the amount.

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      • Tell me where the RISK is with junk in general. Are defaults a problem? NO! Are rates rising? NO! The only risk here is that some nerds keep saying the sky is about to fall. If we can make it thru 2008 and still collect our dividends then I would say we're in great shape with junk. But if you want to sit on the sidelines and make nothing in a money market or CD go ahead. I will continue to eat steak while you eat hot dogs.

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