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  • american_chariot american_chariot Nov 13, 2004 1:53 PM Flag

    Question for board...

    Excited about this company and its prospects! I see a lot of "replacement-building material" being heralded-in in the coming years, much like vinyl and aluminum siding has done to wood-siding; Plus it really excites me to know that this company is closing the "Re-cycle-Re-use, and Re-duce" loop, which in today's world is more than important.
    Question though, I notice that the trading volume on this stock is quite low. In fact, I don't see one day where even 500,000 shares have changed hands.
    With a company with 50 million dollars in revenue, and a share price of $1.40'ish, this seems unbelievable. Point being, how is the liquidity in this stock, company? What would be considered a "large purchase block"? Is it hard to get "completely filled" with a large buy block? Does the stock act greatly affected by large sell/buy blocks? Again, what's considered a "large buy/sell block"?
    Great earning's report, btw; Envious by any standard.

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    • No, its not uncommon and its not unbelievable.

      Well, I wouldn't try to buy 50-100k myself, that might trigger panic buying, or sell by idiots--13500 shares traded Friday morning @ 1.54, stock was down from that all day on 100 shares sells, but all volume buys were up.

    • Haven't read all messages after yours, but thought I'd reply. The stock is NOT very liquid.It IS an undiscovered gem at this point, and when discovered, it will probably do higher volume. If they sustain or improve earnings, which I believe they will, you're looking at .20+ per year. With a conservative PE of twenty (and it should be hight), the price is four bucks. I will be buying what I can under 2 dollars on Monday. I already have 77 K + shares.I think these earnings will easily be sustained and improved. The problem is not DEMAND, it is PRODUCTION, and everything is in place now. Also, the price of oil (a problem related to production costs)may be easing. Longs here have waited patiently for this thing to fall in place and it IS starting to happen at last. My main problem, as always, will be holding on. The potential for this company is huge. If you study, you'll start to see that it is pretty straight forward and easy to understand -- slow, steady improvement up to this point. For what you are getting , the stock is MUCH cheaper than it was a few years ago, when I first started acquiring. This messageboard, despite a few Whackoes (And I am one -- You're from Tn. , a RED STATE -- enjoy what you have created in this country!), is also one of the best I have ever read. Buy here and good luck.

    • A little volume goes a long way, and large volume goes even farther, but you can tell that, by looking at the charts. It should surpass 2.00 Monday. I can't find my crystal ball, so I could be wrong. Good luck.

    • It is very rare to see a block larger than 5,000 shares. On a 90 day average, it runs mostly between 28,000-42,000. It is not a very liquid stock. Sometimes there are days where 6,000-12,000 shares trade hands. This is the main reason I mentioned that I don't believe there are day traders in this stock. Hope this helps. Others on this board may have better information. I watch the stock daily, but do not pay a lot of attention to the amount of shares traded unless there is a major move up or down. The figures I give are from what I can recall. I am a long term holder of this stock so ups and downs, shares traded, don't affect my judgement much.
      One thing I like is that this board has some very intelligent investors in this stock and who keep others informed. In other words, a lot of passionate shareholders and posters.

      All of this is just MHO of course.

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      • I appreciate your response and answer! You helped me a bunch by stating what you have observed.
        Just so you know, I learned about AERTA on the SIRI board, by a fellow investor, who was very excited about this company and stock. Maybe AERTA will start to get the volume it deserves, given its recent "great 3rd quarter"!
        Too much going for this Co. and stock to be trading so few hands. Best of luck to all, and respect and regards to your "investing" here! That's the real pay-off in a company and industry "on-the-grow"! Hope to see you on the board in the future, here! Adieu!

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