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  • jed19 Dec 13, 2011 10:54 AM Flag

    Company taking advantage of soc. media

    Blue Calypso Inc. (OTCBB: BCYP) $1.01

    Advances in technology have made the world smaller and everything more connected and more accessible than ever before. Mobile device and social media have changed how people interact with the world, how they define relationships, and how people make decisions. Mobile device provide instant internet access to applications which people use to get to places, do banking, make purchases, as they interact with other people and their environment. This allows people to communicate person-to-person anywhere, anytime, and with many people at a time.

    Advertising with mobile devices and social media is already very lucrative, with social media giants such as Facebook being speculatively valued at over $80 billion, and social media game developer, Zynga being valued between $7 and $10 billion. Using location-based technology and the constant access provided by mobile technology, advertisers are finding ways to personalize messages and take advantage of a user’s network of friends. A newly public company, Blue Calypso, has developed a novel way to pass an advertiser’s message friend-to-friend, allow the message to be personalized, and reward users for endorsing and spreading the advertiser’s messages.

    Through Calyp®, Blue Calypso provides their clients a patented advertising platform that empowers its audience by becoming an ”Endorser”. Calyp’s simplicity allows anyone to quickly become an Endorser and easily pass a message through their community of friends. Calyp presents the advertisers and their messages to potential Endorsers in an easy to use and understand mobile or web app, allowing anyone to be rewarded for facilitating a word-of-mouth and potentially viral marketing campaign. Blue Calypso is able to track Endorser activity in real-time, allowing their clients to re-target their message based on responses to Endorsers’ efforts. As for rewards, Blue Calypso sends Endorsers a Calyp® reloadable Visa debit card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Endorsers can earn money, prizes, merchandise, and other benefits for disseminating a Blue Calypso client’s message. Calyp’s Endorser network is much more effective than traditional marketing because an Endorser message is to friends and contacts, effectively turning an ad campaign into word-of-mouth style of advertising, which is the most effective style of promotion.

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    • jed19 Dec 13, 2011 10:54 AM Flag

      BCYP has been busy since going public almost three months ago. The Company named CEO Andrew Levi as Chairman of the Board, an experienced leader who has launched several startup companies and has been among SmartPartner Magazine’s list of ’50 Smartest People’ and D Magazine’s ‘Top Entrepreneurs Under 40.’ The board of directors is comprised of business veterans including J. Andrew Kerner, Paul Jarvie, Richard Fennessy and Jim Rose. The Company’s newly appointed advisory board includes advertising gurus Allan Steinmetz, Ken Barnett, Arun Sinha and social media expert Ted Rubin, all who are reputed experts in the field, often speaking at industry events such as the Promotion Marketing Association of America and the Association of National Advertisers. More recently, BCYP has announced being selected by leading mobile handset manufacturer Motorola Mobility (NYSE: MMI) to market their now mobile smartphones Photon and Bionic, and the Xoom tablet with more campaigns in the works. MMI currently has a valuation of $11.64 billion, offering converged mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, wireless accessories, end- to-end video and data delivery, and management solutions such as set-tops and data-access devices. Also recently, Governor Rick Perry’s presidential campaign selected the Calyp advertising platform to power the “Perry for President” social advocacy program. Calyp’s political platform will allow his campaign to leverage personal relationships to deliver friend-to-friend campaign content, connecting Governor Rick Perry to supporters by employing the power and influence of digital word-of-mouth advertising. Calyp will provide Governor Perry’s campaign with real-time reporting, allowing for adjustments to their message on the fly, and the option for Endorser calls-to-action, such as “Click to Donate.”

      Blue Calypso offers the investor the chance to get in on the ground floor of a remarkably effective process to take advantage of the new information age we live in. Their protected intellectual property and first-mover advantage puts the Company in a great position to become a dominant player as advertising models shift to digital word-of-mouth by leveraging the power of social media and mobile. People recommend products, services and ideas to their friends and their networks already, via social media and text messaging. BCYP has seen how successful their Endorser run online advertising is, boasting a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 325% for the period ending August 2011. CTR is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign, and the average for banner ads online is 0.28%, as of 2003. With a groundbreaking patented platform, strong management, and increasingly recognizable clients, Blue Calypso may have discovered a new way to capitalize the power of social media.

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