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  • davidgolioth10 davidgolioth10 Feb 16, 2012 11:10 PM Flag

    For all of your consideration.

    I am a contractor from Indianapolis and I am seeing a trend here with Angie's List.

    Here is a little bit of my history with Angie's List. I been in business for 20 years and have been with Angie' List for 10 years. Our company receives 99% of our customers lead from Angie' List and pay around 60k per year in advertisements to Angie's List. This year we gross a million dollars For the last 7 years Angie's list has grown in the beginning at a rate of 100% plus yearly and has tapered off to 30% yearly growth rate. As their client base growth rate, they increase our advertising rates as well this year we are paying 30$ more then last year based on there 30% new membership rate.

    Angie's List Business Model is an all in bet that might pay off becuase they as they are re-investing every penny to gain rapit growth and market share. As they are quickly expanding they gaining new paid members at roughly $69 per year as long. They are also retaining repaying advertisers like me.> Angie's List is making money on both ends from their members and there paid advertisers like us and they have a great retention rate of members along with advertisers. We are noticing We have notice in the Indianapolis areas that many larger companies are now advertising with Angie's List because Angie's list leads are a higher quality lead that have higher closure & contract price rates. We have been advertising with them for 7 years, and will continue to pay their fees as long as it works.

    Something else to consider. It is very possible that a larger company such as Facebook, Google could purchase Angie's List becuase Angie's List due to Angie's list great success in gaining new members and retaining members along with paid advertisers

    I personally think Angie's' List will not turn a profit in 2012, and that the stock will drop to $7-$11 I am a buyer at $7-$9 as long as they continue to gain new clients and advertising they can and should turn around to make a profit.

    Sorry for any bad grammar I kind of rushed this.

    Good Luck to all of you

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